Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In case you haven't heard

We are having another baby! Pretty excited about it.  Baby #3 is due 3/3/13.  We find out on tomorrow morning what we are having.  I have come to terms with the fact that the baby is probably a girl...but it would be nice to have a boy somewhere in our mix. I don't like taking pictures of myself when I'm pregnant, but I do have updated pictures of my family.  I'm so glad that it's finally fall.  It was a hot summer, and we don't have AC, which means I feel sick anytime I am too hot. Besides not feeling great, we had a pretty low key and fun summer. We have moved Rozlyn to a toddler bed.  She is still adjusting.  Last night she called Mommy out, and 2am, and she was half asleep on the hardwood floor.  Then at 6am, she started panicking so I go in her room, and she somehow got stuck underneath the 6 inches between her bed and the floor, with her two blankets.  Like all the way under..I still don't know how that happened. I had to lift the bed to get her out.  Roz is hilarious, and always making us laugh and smile, but she is a little terror.  She bites, kicks, and hits all of us, and Lexi's friends! She is starting to talk quite a bit, saying things like: outside, Lexi, juice, auntie, Lei Lei, Mine, and many of the basics.  Lexi can write her first and last name by herself, and is getting really close to reading a few simple words. She goes to dance, gymnastics, and preschool.  Here are a few pictures from the past couple months:

                                                     Roz and her friend Addy exchanging cups
                                                                     Lexi into mischief
                                                            Roz going to gymnastics
                                 Justin with his brothers the night of his mission call to Pennsylvania
                                                                      Lexi at preschool
                                                                       Before church
                                    Into my waterproof mascara, it took a while to get it all off
                                                      Helping put up Halloween decorations
                  The three amigos, they totally did this themselves, so I hurried and grabbed the camera


  1. Woohoo -- baby #3!! Congratulations, you guys! We're so, so excited for you!!

  2. So excited to hear the big news tomorrow!!! Good luck!!

  3. That is so cool guys! Congrats, and read on face book it's a boy! That will be so much fun, Kyle always hopes for our friends that have only girls that they will get boys too because he thinks our Kacen is so much fun, but he is melting over Andie too.