Monday, March 5, 2012

a little girl I know turned 4

Tackling Dad
Off to preschool
Birthday Party

Lexi turned 4 this past month. I love this little lady, but anyone who knows us well, knows that we butt heads a lot. Justin says it's because we are so much alike, and she knows exactly how to push my buttons. She is such a smart little girl. She suprises us every day with how much knowledge she has. I think that's why it drives me crazy when she does thinks like stick both of her hands in the vaseline jar, and then smear it all over the bathroom counter and hand towel. (Yesterday)
Anyway,this is what she has been up to:
Dance class on Mondays, Preschool Monday and Wednesday, Gymnastics on Thursday, learning to write words (she loves learning to write people's names) watching movies, eating snacks, playing with her sister, helping me cook/bake, going to the park when the weather is nice.

Here are some questions I asked her, that I want to remember:

Who is your best friend?

What is your favorite color?

Favorite Food?
Fruit Snacks

Favorite Movie?
Barbie ones

Favorite Book?
A princess one

Favortie Toy?
Ball popper

Favorite thing to do?
snow mobiling

Favorite primary song?
The Birthday song

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
Play candyland

What is your favorite thing to do with Rozlyn?
Play dolls

What is your favorite thing to do with mom?
Bake something, like cookies

Favorite place to go out to dinner?
Weiners (wingers)

Her Birthday was on a Monday, so we had her birthday party at the gym on Saturday, and then on Monday, she went to dance class, and passed out lollipops to her class, and then to preschool, and handed out cupcakes, and then when she got home, we went out to dinner as a family to Wingers. She opened her remaining gifts throughout the day, and she finished her last two after dinner. One thing that Justin and I got her was a hello kitty microphone. We spent the rest of her birthday singing songs. It was a fun day.