Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer in a nutshell

So for the past few weeks I am constantly thinking "oh I need to blog about that," but the truth of it all is that i would rather read other peoples blogs than take the time to post my own. This weekend is the first weekend in that I have been home sitting on my living room floor in four weeks. I did shower (didn't wash my hair) but got back in my pjs, no makeup, took an hour long nap, and it's 330 and I haven't left the house yet. It has been very nice. So the past four
wAdd Imageeekends went like this:
Weekend 1- The zoo,Camping with some friends, Justin running a 10K (he took 2nd place, I was so proud).

Weened 2-Off to Provo, threw a shower for my bestie Erin. I loved this. I have been able to visit Erin for the past three summers without Justin (because who wants to involve their husbands in girl talk?) I drove up with my friend Amber, and I also got to see one of my old roommates Annie, which was wonderful. It's refreshing to just be with the girls. Unfortanetly since it was father's day weekend, and since I left Lexi with Justin, I only stayed one night, but I was still so glad I did. And Erin you seriously look amazing!
Weekend 3-Drive back up to Utah for a small family reunion, one day at Lagoon (yes we spent $30 on a ticket for Lexi, but she loved it!!! and I didnt feel so bad when they made a lady in a wheel chair pay the full price for her ticket...that was just rude) So we drove up on Thursday morning to Kaysville, spent the day at Lagoon, slept, then woke up and drove to Soda Springs for a family reunion and camped for a night.

Weekend 4-Another family reunion, and the 4th of July Parade. We headed out to Island park on Thursday night to go camping, we went back home on Friday night to get ready for the annual Rexburg parade, did the parade, which turned out really fun, and then drove back to Island Park Saturday after the parade, and stayed camping until Sunday evening. While we were in Island Park we went to the playmill in Yellowstone, and saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which was really fun, and Lexi even sat in my lap the whole time, and loved it. Since Eastern idaho celebrated the 4th of July on Saturday night instead of Sunday, we went to the fireworks in Island park, and that was awesome!

Happy Summer!