Saturday, February 23, 2013

Almost There...

Just two more days until we get to meet our baby boy.  Can't wait.  What I'm looking forward to most:

Seeing what he looks like-Justin or me? The girls favor me more than they do Justin, so Im really hoping this little guy looks like Justin.  The red hair I can take or leave, but everything else I hope Justin. :)

Im also looking forward to getting him out of me.  I constantly worry if he is moving enough.

Getting him dressed.  Since this is our first boy, I have never been able to get a boy dressed, it's just fun to do something different.

The girls meeting him for the first time.  I remember when Lexi first walked into the room to meet Roz, I got all teared up, it was such a special moment for our two kids to meet each other. Obviously Lexi is completley thrilled to meet this baby, but Roz has no clue what's going on since she just turned two...we are hoping she adjusts okay.

Im also really excited to loose the baby weight.  I miss my clothes.  It took me abour four months to loose everything with Roz, so Im giving myself 5 this time :) That gives me until mid summer.

There is a lot to enjoy about pregnancy, but my favorite part is the kicks and squirms.  I know a lot of people say it makes it harder to sleep sometimes, but I love falling asleep to it. 

I'm planning on this baby being in the 6 pound range.  I have been consistently meausuring 4 weeks behind, and have had two growth ultrasounds to make sure everything is okay, but he as far as the ultrasound goes, he is doing great, my drs aren't worried about it.  Justin is 5'5, and Im 5'1, were just not going to have huge kids. :)

I should probably post a picture of my belly before I get induced on Monday, so I guess I'll take one today, the last one I took was 17 weeks...oops :)