Monday, June 29, 2009

wii fit vs the wii active

Just to throw it out there, I have to say if you are in it to work up a sweat, the wii active is the way to go!!! I did a 20 min medium intensity workout, and it kicked my butt a little. I like to think I am in pretty good shape (not shapely body or anything like that, more like I can run three miles in a decent time and not faint) but it worked me good, and it was fun, I will do it again. The wii fit is fun...but I think that's all it is, I don't really get a good workout from it. Hopefully I did the right thing by purchasing the wii active. Anyone else have an opinion about this? Share please if you do.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All American

I just wanted to take a minute and say how grateful I am for this country. When I was younger, saying the pledge of allegiance, and the star spangled banner didn't mean much to me, but today it brings tears to my eyes, and although its kind of embarrassing that I get emotional about it, I am so proud to be an American. I can't believe how blessed I was to be born into this country with so much blessing and opportunity. I am so incredibly proud and grateful for all those people who fought and risked their lives to make America what it is today. It's true that America isn't seeing the best times right now, but there is still no where else I would rather be. Justin said to me the other day, "honey, we are living the American dream, we own our own home, we own our own business, we have a wonderful family, and we are happy." I was like wow, isn't that the truth. I and so many of us are so blessed. I hope everyone remembers how lucky we are and takes a minute to celebrate this upcoming 4th of July.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

posing for pics, grapes, and auntie times 2

I seriously LOVE Yellowstone. There is so much to see. I want to go again this summer!
Erin and McKenna came into town last week, we had a blast! I love them!
Whenever she gets into the toilet paper, I say "Lexi, give it to mommy!" and she tears off a small piece at a time, it takes forever! She also enjoys eating it....what the??
Conner's high school graduation!

This is what happens when I take a 3 minute shower!

This morning we went over to Beehive bank in Rexburg to pose for some pictures. They told us to dress casual, and they wanted us to pose with our lender who gave us the housing loan. Justin, Lexi, and I had to sit there and pretend like we were signing our bank papers all over again. We felt so retarded. How much cheesier do you think we could get!? Anyway, so if you happen to see a pamphlet or poster at Beehive, just know that I tried to get out of it the best I could, but failed.
I'm really excited for this weekend. We are going to the Robertson reunion, (Justin's mom's side) and we are going to Lava hot springs all day on Friday. YAY! I actually totally spaced until a week ago that we even had this planned this weekend. So it should be a lot of fun, hopefully I will have some cute pics to post.
Grapes-Lexi has a new obsession with grapes. A few days ago I had thrown a small handful of grapes away that looked like they didn't have much time left until the mold started to grow. The next thing I knew Lexi had retrieved them from the garbage and was snacking away....yuck right? It gets better. On Monday I went grocery shopping and picked up another bunch of grapes. On my way walking inside I dropped a couple on the ground outside our door. (I didn't notice at the time). So on Tuesday I went to grab the mail, and Lexi followed me outside. I stopped to talk to a neighbor, and I noticed she had sat down and was playing with something in her hands. I finished chatting, and went over to see what she had found. Of course she was munching on a few grapes she had found which were already half eaten by ants....gross!!!! So I took her in, cleaned her up, and gave her some fresh washed grapes from the fridge.
Good news I will be an aunt of two more sweet babies by the end of the year, a girl and a boy!!! YAY! Its going to be awesome, one in September, and on in November. Congrats to both Des and Ashley!