Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whats new with the Packards

We have had a pretty fun month of April, the top two pictures are fhe on Monday, swimming in Jared and Des's club house pool, then I loved Lexi's one eye peaking out, then the bottom one is of Lexi wrapping herself in our comforter. Whenever I make the bed, I throw the blankets on the floor, and Lexi attacks them, and wraps herself in them, she is so cute. She is getting a couple new teeth, so these past couple weeks have to say the least been rough. Its getting harder and harder to take her to work with me. Justin was out of work for the past few months, so it was so nice that she could stay at home with him, but justin started working again this week, and it's been crazy! We have been so used to Justin being home during the day, and not working until like four, but now hes been leaving at 8, and we don't see him til like 7. But I'm not complaining, because we really want to buy a washer and dryer. Which brings me to our housing issue. We were supposed to close today, but Idaho housing has been so backed up, that we have had to wait to close until next Friday....bummer, everyone is buying a house right now...its really pretty frustrating because if the sellers wanted to, they could put the house back on the we are pretty worried, and we have been praying a lot:) Anyway, I guess we will have to accept whatever happens...but Im not going to feel excited about the house until we sign the closing papers. I never knew buying a house was so incredibly complicated. I was talking to my sister in law the other day, and she said when they bought their first house that they walked in, and stated what they made, and how much housing payments they could afford, and the bank said "okay" it is so not like that anymore! They require so many documents, I cant count how many times Ive been to our bank to request statements, and rent check images, or how many times I have had to sign my name, or how many times I have had to dig up old tax info...blah, can we just have a house and be done?! Although it has seriously been a crazy, stressful month, I have realized how truly blessed we are, we have had more money pop up then I have seen in months, its so random. $1200 for our gaurentee, inspection, and appraisal, don't ask me where that money came from, but we came up with it no problem, not to mention we have more money in savings for our closing costs then we have had since Lexi was born..what the heck? Im so grateful, that we have been faithful in paying our tithing, I know that we are being blessed for that right now. Sometimes times are rough, and it feels like they will never get better, but wow, other times, the blessings are just showered down....I just have to remember that during hard times I guess. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go to this really awesome fireside. It was for RS presidencies, bishoprics, and EQ president, so Justin couldn't come with me, and I really didn't want to go cuz I knew it was going to be 2 hours long, but I am so grateful I went, I learned so much! It was mostly about the welfare of the church through broadcast. I learned how important self reliance is. One thing that President Monson said, that really stuck out to me about helping others who are in need, he said you can't give someone food from an empty shelf, and you can't lend someone money with an empty wallet. He also talked a lot about getting and staying out of debt, and living within your means. When we are living within our means, we can help others who are struggling, wether it be family or friends, or our ward family. You just never know when something unexpected will happen. Anyway, I really loved it. Thats about all that is new with us, sorry for the blabby long post:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lazy poster/25 random things

I have been lazy in writing posts because I enjoy reading everyone elses so much, but anyway, not much new going on around here, I have been super busy at work lately, we had the Spring Olympics on Saturday where the gymnasts do a performance for their parents and stuff, it's fun, but it's a lot of work! Then I have been working on the summer schedule for the gym, which will start on June 1st, so I finally got that all done today, and last but not least we bought a house, and we are closing on it in the next couple of weeks. Needless to say we have been crazy busy. We were so blessed to get locked in at a 4.64 % interest rate on our house which we couldn't be happier about, the only sad part is that we don't get to move in until July or August. The people we bought the house from are going to rent back the house for a couple of months until they can move to their new home. Anyway, it will be good to save up for a while, so it's not all bad. Everyone has been tagging me on facebook to do this 25 random things about yourself, and I can't really figure out how to do it on facebook, it's kind of fun, so if you are reading this, then you should write one about yourself that I can read too....
1. I don't have a middle name, my parents didn't give one to me or my sister
2. Im obsessed with BBQ flavor anything, yum chips, sunflower seeds, rice cakes, you name it, i love it.
3. I really enjoy working out and trying to feel like I'm in shape, I try to hit worlds gym 3 or 4 times a week
4. Im sad Easter is over and I have to wait a whole year until I can eat another cadbury cream egg.
5. I can't wait to have more kids, we want at least 4 but I'm thinking we will end up with 5.
6. I love chick flicks and scary movies, but lately scary movies have actually scared me, so it's not as fun :(
7. I love being around people with a sense of humor, and can make me laugh
8. Sometimes I can't believe the stuff that comes out of my mouth :O
9. I am the youngest of four kids, 1 sister, and 2 brothers, 3 brother in laws and 4 sister in laws, and my whole family and Justins family are pretty awesome.
10. I love to watch the biggest loser, I love to see how people can change their lives in such a short time.
11. Justin and I only knew each other for 7 weeks to the day before we got engaged!
12. I got married on October 8th 2005.
13. I love to read! Give me a good book, a babysitter, and the day off, and you wont see me all day
14. I am currently trying to grow my hair out....its taking forever...I think Im going through a mid life crisis because I recently thought to myself "I don't have much time left to grow my hair long because I have never done it before." I really don't think gray/white long hair is pretty...its kind of icky
15. My husband is a pretty fantastic gymnast, he competed nationally for a couple of years before his mission.
16. I have a 14 month old who cracks me up.
17. I currently have 4 cavities that I need to get filled (darn throwing up for 5 months during pregnancy)
18. I can't stay away from chocolate no matter what I do, it makes me mad
19. I love the beach, even if it's freezing cold, there is just something about the cool breeze and the sound of the ocean that is so comforting. I think it's the only thing about Oregon that I miss, besides my family.
20. I will never buy any type of couch or love seat that isn't leather or microfiber. We bought a microfiber sectional about a year ago, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me, you can draw with pen all over that thing and it comes right off!
21. I'm 23, got married when I was 20, and had lexi when I was 22.
22. I really love Disneyland, and I want to go back again when Im not pregnant! We went as a family 2 summers ago, and my parents paid the $85 each to get in, looked around for 45 minutes, and then went back to the beach was too crowded for their that's just the type of people they are...they crack me up!
23. I love my religion, it's my life, and it makes me truly happy
24. I enjoy the cool weather, but Im really really looking forward to warm sunshine.
25. I have some pretty awesome friends and family that I love so much, I am so blessed.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Food Storage

For Christmas, my mother in law made me a binder of food storage information, and Ive been trying really hard to buy food storage every week. My mother in law got me into it, and has really stressed the importance of it. In the binder there is a list of what you should buy every week, and at the end of 52 weeks, you will have enough food storage to sustain 2 people for a year, eating humbly of course. A few friends have asked for the list that I use, so I thought I would post it on here. The list can be started at anytime.

Week 1 6 lbs salt
Week 2 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 3 20 lbs sugar
Week 4 8 cans tomato soup
Week 5 50 lbs wheat
Week 6 6 lbs macaroni
Week 7 20 lbs sugar
Week 8 8 cans tuna
Week 9 61 lbs yeast
Week 10 50 lbs wheat
Week 11 8 cans tomato soup
Week 12 20 lbs sugar
Week 13 10 lbs powdered sugar
Week 14 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 15 50 lbs wheat
Week 16 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 17 1 bottle 500 multivitamins
Week 18 10 lbs powdered milk
Week 19 5 cans cream of mushroom soup
Week 20 50 lbs wheat
Week 21 8 cans tomato soup
Week 22 20 lbs sugar
Week 23 8 cans tuna
Week 24 6 lbs shortening
Week 25 5 lbs honey
Week 26 50 lbs wheat
Week 27 10 lbs powdered milk
Week 28 20 lbs sugar
Week 29 5 lbs peanut butter
Week 30 50 lbs wheat
Week 31 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 32 10 lbs powdered milk
Week 33 1 bottle 500 asprin or tylenol
Week 34 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 35 50 lbs of wheat
Week 36 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 37 6 lbs of salt
Week 38 20 lbs sugar
Week 39 8 cans tomato soup
Week 40 50 lbs wheat
Week 41 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 42 20 lbs sugar
Week 43 1 bottle 500 multivitamins
Week 44 8 cans tuna
Week 45 50 lbs wheat
Week 46 6 lbs macaroni
Week 47 20 lbs sugar
Week 48 5 cans cream of mushroom soup
Week 49 5 lbs of honey
Week 50 20 lbs sugar
Week 51 8 cans tomato soup
Week 52 50 lbs wheat

I know thats a really long list, but it has helped me a ton. You don't even have to do it in order, right now if I see that sugar is a really good deal, I will buy 40 lbs, and just cross to sugar weeks off my list. What I also started doing last month is collecting non food items. I just buy one item a month, last month I bought an extra container of laundry detergent, and this month i bought shampoo and conditioner. The cost of it all usually ends up around $10 a week, which adds up fast, but if you can budget for it, then its totally worth it, and it's really comforting to know you can feed your family even if you are out of a job, or a natural disaster happens, or suddenly money has no worth, and a can of tuna fish is a $100..sounds kind of stupid but its happening in other countries right now. Anyway enough preaching about food storage (for now) ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009