Friday, January 13, 2012

To blog or not to blog

I can't decide if I want to carry on with the whole blog thing or seems as though it was more of a fad, and now that fad is slowly fading away. I guess I would rather read people's blogs then facebook, except that most people don't blog enough (myself absolutely included) I chat on the phone with friends and family often enough that I know what is going on in their life, so is it pretty pointless to be chatting with the world wide web? Im not really sure it. Anyway, thought I would post a few cute pictures from the holidays.

New Years at a cabin with some friends, lots of fun!

Christmas morning

Christmas eve

Mom and me :)

Lexi's first time at skate world...she didn't like it

Lexi's christmas dance cute

Hi Roz

The 2 divas Lex and Lei at lexis's gym showcase