Saturday, March 26, 2011

eye roller panties and a quick update on life

First of all, funny story. I was at Walmart last week, and I bought a couple of things. Two of those items were garnier fructis eye roller pen, and another thing was a pair of underwear (for when I work out ;) ) There are just certain things that are embarassing to buy...tampons, pregnancy tests, panties..etc (you know..the kind where you stand in front of the isle until no one is looking, put it in your cart upside down, and cover it with the paper towels) When I went to check out, I picked the least intimidating checker, and unloaded all of my items from the cart. Just as I was slipping away unnoticed (with a line behind me) The checker says (so loudly) "what are eye roller panties?" I mean really? Does this guys really want to talk to me about this? He hands me the receipt, and says "look, it says eye roller panties." I could not believe he wanted to have this conversation with me!! I said..umm they are two seperate things, I guess they just ended up on the same line. LOL wow..I basically ran out of the store.

My sister and her fam came to visit us all last week, and we had a fabulous time. I sware I didn't see Lexi all week. She was constantly being entertained by her cousins. Us girls did a lot of shopping, the boys snowmobiled, and we got pedicures. AND my sister and I ran a couple of 5Ks, and it was actually so much fun!

Rozlyn is an adorable, and sweet baby. She is almost 7 weeks old, and I had to put her newborn clothes away today...she is growing up way too fast. With Lexi, I kept rushing to the next step, but I just want Rozlyn to stay tiny forever. A few nights ago, Rozlyn slept for 7 hours straight. I actually woke her up at 6am because I needed to feed her! The only thing that I have to complain about is that she wont let me eat chocolate....she will not nurse if I eat any sort of chocolate. In fact the other day, I seriously had a bite of chocolate cake, and she wouldn't nurse. I have to pump, and give her a bottle if I want to eat chocolate. Lexi is totally in love with her sister, and is usually more of a help with her than a nuisance. We sure didn't want our kids to be three years apart, but it definately has it's benefits :) Thats all for now.