Tuesday, November 2, 2010


No I don't have pictures, and I may or may not post some I haven't decided yet. Justin looked at me last night while I was um busy baking a pumkpin roll (which may be part the cause of the hugeness) and he was like "seriously this is how you looked right before you delivered Lexi." Really honey? I'm not feeling incredibly self conscious already, oh and don't remind me I still have atleast 3 months left. But really I myself can't believe how much bigger I am with this pregnancy than I was with Lexi. Everyone always told me that you just get bigger with each one, but guess I thought since I got back to a pretty flat stomach after Lexi, that I woudn't get that big with my next. Boy was I wrong. AND Im already feeling a little tight in my maternity clothes..so then what? Pajamas and sit on the couch all day? Okay enough negativity. I'm thrilled and so grateful to be having another baby girl, and I'm just going to have to worry about the weight issue some other time. The baby is always moving around and kicking, and I love it! Hopefully these next few months just fly by!

In other news, miss Lex is a little fire ball. She is constantly making me laugh because she is so full of personality or cry because she is so darn stubborn. A couple of weeks ago after nursery she comes into the kitchen with a towel on her head and says: "look mom I'm Jesus!" I had to laugh. We have been off and on potty training for the last 5 months, and she told me the other day that it was my fault she is still in diapers. Lol I really didn't even know how to respond. She seems to be really excited about having a little sister, and I just hope that they can get along. :)