Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Highlights

April has been a fun month, starting with Easter. We went to Pocatello and spent it with some of Justin's family. I love putting together Lexi's easter egg basket and watching her trying to figure out what she is looking for in the morning. Here she is displaying her chocolate mouth (which she ges from me) and her new barbie sing along from grammy which she loves! We also finished (except for a few touch ups) our bathroom downstairs, and it looks amazing!! I would put up before pictures but they are on the other computer, and Im lazy, but think, pink sink, pink tiled shower, exposed pipes in the ceiling and blue carpet just to name a few. We wanted to remodel our downstairs before our upstairs so when we remodel our upstairs bathroom we can just use the downstairs one without being grossed out, because it was originally pretty gross. The other exciting thing we did this month was buy a new to us car. Its a chevy tahoe, and its awesome. Our Honda accord was getting to be pretty old, and we wanted to sell it before we couldn't get any money out of it. The Tahoe is pretty big its an 8 seater, and I really wish I had more kids to fill it up with, it seems pretty empty right now. Ive never driven such a big car, so its going to take some getting used to. Another fun thing we did this month is go to Oregon. I love my family, and Im looking forward to our family vacation this summer where we can all be together. Following our some pictures from Oregon, and my new nephew Henry that I met, he is sooo cute! Finally last weekend, Justins sister Corinne graduated from BYU. Yay Corinne!
Oh and there is a video of Lexi at the bottom from my nephews birthday party, I just like it, because she makes me smile!