Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Girls

Rozlyn is our little sweetheart. She is always smiling, and loves having me or Lexi close by. She loves to play with Lexi's toys. She has quickly become a fast crawler, and loves to pull herself up on as much as possible. She is 8 1/2 months old, and has yet to sleep through the night. She longest she has ever slept is 6.5 hours. (I'm hoping that by the time she turns one, I will be getting more sleep..but I'm not really planning on it.) She also likes to wake up around 6 or 630. Lexi used to do the same thing at that age, but I would just bring her to my bed, and nurse her, and she would fall back asleep..but not Roz! She loves to touch our faces and jabber as loud as she can until she can get everyone awake. Both of the girls love to dance. If you turn on Just the way you are, or Single ladies, both of the girls go crazy. I have some really cute video, but the file is too large to upload.

Lexi enjoys having friends over to play, especially her cousins. She is always talking about Daniel, Jake, and Soleil.

Lexi's first day of preschool was September 9th, and she loves it! It's only two days a week, but she asks almost every morning if she has school that day. She is getting better at identifying her letters, showing more intererst in learning to read, and loves to craft. The kids in the class alternate bringing a snack to share with the class. On her day she really wanted to bring cupcakes. I brought 12 cupcakes for the 4 kids that showed up that day, and when I picked Lexi up at the end of the day, they were all gone. There are only 2 girls in her class, so Lex gets quite a bit of attention from the boys (I'm pretty sure she likes it that way). She also is still taking a gymnastics class twice a week. She has been doing it since she was14 months old, and she still loves it. (This makes Justin very happy) She will be 4 in February so she will be able to compete in 2014. We will see if she can keep up with the competitive team.

Lexi can be such a handful for me sometimes. She is such a picky eater, she is full of attitude, she loves to be entertained all the time, but she is also my little side kick, and I don't know what I would do without her! She is such an amazing big sister, I can't believe how good she is with Rozlyn, she always wants to help entertain, change diapers, and feed her treats and food. She keeps talking about having another baby, and is always asking me when we can have 2's really sweet. We love this girl!

I can't believe how much fun it is having two kids. I was so nervous to have two, but sometimes I think it's easier than having one because they can entertain each other. I also thought I would have a hard time having two girls, but I love it. I love doing hair, and getting them dressed, and just doing girly things. I love being a mom, I have no clue what I ever did with my time before my girls.