Saturday, December 4, 2010

Because you want to know about my exciting life...

Us four kiddos

Lexi's new favorite spot with a blanket over the heater

She took out all of the winter stuff and spread it throughout the house!

So just a quick update...we are currently in oregon until next Wednesday, and I love it. I love my mom and sisters cooking, the restaurants, the shopping, etc. We decided to come up this week for my neices baptsism, and to see my family because I didn't feel comfertable traveling over Christmas. I am 9.5 weeks away from my due date...I wish it was closer, but I know the time is going to fly. So far my weight gain has been 30 lbs, which is a lot of a 5ft 1 frame, so ya Im getting pretty big, but I just have to keep telling myself that it will come off sooner than later. :) Other than feeling fat and unnattractive, I have been feeling really good. Sore and achy sometimes, but that's about the worst of it. I think we have come up with a name, not because I am crazy about the name, but because it's the only one we both like enough. But of course we will have to see her first. With Lexi's pregnancy Justin and I felt nervous and scared, and really didn't know what to expect. With this one, we just can't wait for her to be here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


No I don't have pictures, and I may or may not post some I haven't decided yet. Justin looked at me last night while I was um busy baking a pumkpin roll (which may be part the cause of the hugeness) and he was like "seriously this is how you looked right before you delivered Lexi." Really honey? I'm not feeling incredibly self conscious already, oh and don't remind me I still have atleast 3 months left. But really I myself can't believe how much bigger I am with this pregnancy than I was with Lexi. Everyone always told me that you just get bigger with each one, but guess I thought since I got back to a pretty flat stomach after Lexi, that I woudn't get that big with my next. Boy was I wrong. AND Im already feeling a little tight in my maternity then what? Pajamas and sit on the couch all day? Okay enough negativity. I'm thrilled and so grateful to be having another baby girl, and I'm just going to have to worry about the weight issue some other time. The baby is always moving around and kicking, and I love it! Hopefully these next few months just fly by!

In other news, miss Lex is a little fire ball. She is constantly making me laugh because she is so full of personality or cry because she is so darn stubborn. A couple of weeks ago after nursery she comes into the kitchen with a towel on her head and says: "look mom I'm Jesus!" I had to laugh. We have been off and on potty training for the last 5 months, and she told me the other day that it was my fault she is still in diapers. Lol I really didn't even know how to respond. She seems to be really excited about having a little sister, and I just hope that they can get along. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Lexi and her nebulizer sad
Scott and Shilo's reception! Love these two

Me at 20 weeks, I blew up from 18 to 20 weeks!

In front of the Spokane temple

Lexi feeding the ducks
Lexi with my nephews Daniel and Jake, and my neice Soleil

Lexi being crazy
Yes, dumb face, and dumb sideways, but I cant fix it-18.5 weeks

I guess it has been about 2 months since my last post...oops sorry! We have had a pretty good couple of months. We left Lexi for the first time last weekend to go to Spokane, WA. Justin was the best man for his friends wedding. Lexi stayed one night at my brothers house, and one night at Justin's sister's house. I missed her so much, but it was good for us to go without her, and good for her to be away from us. This weekend we are going to Portland for three nights for a gymnastics competition. I wish we could stay longer, but it will be a good amount of time to see my family and a couple friends. Our most exciting news is that we are having a baby girl in February. I am 21.5 weeks along. I cannot believe how much bigger I am already with this pregnancy than I was with Lexi!! Yikes :) This baby and Lexi will be almost exactly 3 years apart. I am due February 10th. When I was about 12 weeks, I took the intelligender pee test, and it said it was a boy. The test is supposed to be about 90% accurate. So although we weren't 100% planning on a boy, we were suprised at the ultrasound 2 weeks ago when it was a girl. She was so cute, and she totally has the side profile that Lexi does. I would have loved to have a boy, but I'm really excited to have another girl because I don't have to buy anything new, and we don't have to give up our office upstairs because she will be sharing a room with Lexi. Anyway, I am already counting down the days until I can meet this sweet girl, and give up my granny maternity jeans :) Here our some pictures from the last month.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taylor Reunion

Yes I realize this is a ton of pictures, but I took about 120, so I thought this was narrowing it down pretty well. My family and I spent a week in Island Park at a cabin for our reunion this year. We really had a lot of fun. For me the funnest part was just relaxing and laughing with my family. The boys golfed and played paintball, the girls did some crafts and some cooking. My mom even tried to teach my how to crochet...but I just couldn't get the hang of it, so I talked her into making me a blanket. We went for bike rides, 4 wheeling rides, and some of us went to yellowstone for the day. I love my family, they make me happy, and they don't disown me even when I'm obnoxious. Im already looking forward to next year:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer in a nutshell

So for the past few weeks I am constantly thinking "oh I need to blog about that," but the truth of it all is that i would rather read other peoples blogs than take the time to post my own. This weekend is the first weekend in that I have been home sitting on my living room floor in four weeks. I did shower (didn't wash my hair) but got back in my pjs, no makeup, took an hour long nap, and it's 330 and I haven't left the house yet. It has been very nice. So the past four
wAdd Imageeekends went like this:
Weekend 1- The zoo,Camping with some friends, Justin running a 10K (he took 2nd place, I was so proud).

Weened 2-Off to Provo, threw a shower for my bestie Erin. I loved this. I have been able to visit Erin for the past three summers without Justin (because who wants to involve their husbands in girl talk?) I drove up with my friend Amber, and I also got to see one of my old roommates Annie, which was wonderful. It's refreshing to just be with the girls. Unfortanetly since it was father's day weekend, and since I left Lexi with Justin, I only stayed one night, but I was still so glad I did. And Erin you seriously look amazing!
Weekend 3-Drive back up to Utah for a small family reunion, one day at Lagoon (yes we spent $30 on a ticket for Lexi, but she loved it!!! and I didnt feel so bad when they made a lady in a wheel chair pay the full price for her ticket...that was just rude) So we drove up on Thursday morning to Kaysville, spent the day at Lagoon, slept, then woke up and drove to Soda Springs for a family reunion and camped for a night.

Weekend 4-Another family reunion, and the 4th of July Parade. We headed out to Island park on Thursday night to go camping, we went back home on Friday night to get ready for the annual Rexburg parade, did the parade, which turned out really fun, and then drove back to Island Park Saturday after the parade, and stayed camping until Sunday evening. While we were in Island Park we went to the playmill in Yellowstone, and saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which was really fun, and Lexi even sat in my lap the whole time, and loved it. Since Eastern idaho celebrated the 4th of July on Saturday night instead of Sunday, we went to the fireworks in Island park, and that was awesome!

Happy Summer!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Justin's Race

We just got back from Justin competing in a triathlon in Rigby. We are so proud of him, he just kept going and going, and placed 8th out of 104 people, for his very first triathlon. The triathlon was a sprint triathlon, so it was a 1/2 mile swim, 12.7 mile bike ride, and a 3.2 mile run, he finished in 1 hour and 23 minutes. He has been really looking forward to this competition, but when we woke up this morning, it was cold and rainy. By the time he finished the competition, it was only 46 degrees outside, and the swim was freezing! I felt so bad for all the swimmers.

Here is a picture of him getting out of the water, next was the bike race, and then the run.

By the end of the race, he was pale and crampy, but so happy to be done! Good job honey!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Highlights

April has been a fun month, starting with Easter. We went to Pocatello and spent it with some of Justin's family. I love putting together Lexi's easter egg basket and watching her trying to figure out what she is looking for in the morning. Here she is displaying her chocolate mouth (which she ges from me) and her new barbie sing along from grammy which she loves! We also finished (except for a few touch ups) our bathroom downstairs, and it looks amazing!! I would put up before pictures but they are on the other computer, and Im lazy, but think, pink sink, pink tiled shower, exposed pipes in the ceiling and blue carpet just to name a few. We wanted to remodel our downstairs before our upstairs so when we remodel our upstairs bathroom we can just use the downstairs one without being grossed out, because it was originally pretty gross. The other exciting thing we did this month was buy a new to us car. Its a chevy tahoe, and its awesome. Our Honda accord was getting to be pretty old, and we wanted to sell it before we couldn't get any money out of it. The Tahoe is pretty big its an 8 seater, and I really wish I had more kids to fill it up with, it seems pretty empty right now. Ive never driven such a big car, so its going to take some getting used to. Another fun thing we did this month is go to Oregon. I love my family, and Im looking forward to our family vacation this summer where we can all be together. Following our some pictures from Oregon, and my new nephew Henry that I met, he is sooo cute! Finally last weekend, Justins sister Corinne graduated from BYU. Yay Corinne!
Oh and there is a video of Lexi at the bottom from my nephews birthday party, I just like it, because she makes me smile!