Thursday, May 28, 2009

The stomach flu, our house, and the water park

Lexi-so done at the water park!
Okay fine I will touch the water, but only once

Cute pic of Daniel! Before he got sick :(

Liking the dry play ground much better

Grumpy on the way back from Home Depot

We have been trying to ignore Lexi through the night when she cries, because she still isn't sleeping through the night, and I think for heavens sake you are 15 months old, you should be able to go through the night without a bottle! Anyway, we started this trend a little over a week ago, and last Wednesday night she cried twice throughout the night, and both times I ignored her, and it wasn't so bad because both times were very brief. So at 7am my internal alarm clock wanted me to go check on her, so I opened her bedroom door and immediately smelled something foul. I figured it was a messy diaper, but when I peered over her crib, I noticed some dark brown looking pieces scattered all over her crib. (she was still sound asleep with her butt in the air) I thought to myself great, the one night she is wearing two piece pjs without a onesie she poops and fishes through her diaper and scatters it all around her crib, and then falls back asleep in it. Real cool. Anyway, I call in Justin to come and inspect because it really didn't smell like poo. We eventually figured out that she had puked up green beans from dinner the previous night. So I got a bath and clean clothes all ready, and woke her up, bathed her, cleaned up the mess in her room, and then figuring the beans just hadn't set well with her, gave her a bottle while I was getting her dressed, and she puked all over herself again. (this repeated for 4 days, no joke) Then Justin got sick all day Saturday and Sunday with the same thing. So basically I had a weekend of a sick husband who couldn't help me clean up puke or change diapers that were full of soup. Toward the end of the day on Sunday, Justin felt a lot better so we went to Pocatello and spent memorial day with Justin's family, and had a good time eating good food, and visiting the cemetery. On our way out of Pocatello we stopped in at Home Depot to buy a wood floor for our house, and Lexi puked all over herself, the cart, and the floor of Home Depot. We went and told someone as soon as it happened, and the guy was like no prob we will take care of it, and an hour later as we were leaving the store it was still there....Anyway, so that was my weekend, Lexi threw up a couple more times on Tuesday. So this morning I shampooed our carpets cuz as you can imagine things were starting to get pretty stinky. Lexi is doing a ton better which is such a great relief because it was really starting to ware on me, I was getting so worried about her keeping hydrated. Although she did puke today and yesterday (its clearly her new attention getter) so we have to rid her of that fun habit. And ode to cousin Daniel, somewhere in the mix of interactions in the past week, he got sick as well. (sorry Daniel, we love you!) Good news though today my parents arrived in town, so its wonderful to have them here, and we are going to Yellowstone on Saturday...which I am so excited about! :) And also WE FINALLY CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE TODAY! I just have to say it was well worth the wait becuase we ended up paying zero dollars for closing, and actually got 500 hundred dollars back! (paying your tithing really does bless) So tomorrow we are going to buy furniture for our living room, and we already bought wood floors for the living room and hallway, and a nice rug. Its going to be a lot of work and a lot of cash to make it how we want, but I think in about 5 years we should be done with the improvements. SO yay! We are moving in sometime in July not sure of the exact date, but I will be posting before and after pictures as we slowly but surely remodel. It's going to be a really fun project for Justin and I (mostly Justin:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

me day

I wish I could put pictures up, but our computer is being retarded, and I don't want to risk losing pics. Just wanted to update on whats going on with our family. Sadly, we are still waiting to close on our house, after three addendums to the closing date, its finally looking like we will close on Monday, but really who knows...I don't get it. My sister in law Ashley found out she is having another cute baby boy in September, so we are pretty excited about that. Today is my birthday, so I took work off, and Justin took most of the day off, and we went to Idaho Falls for dinner, shopping, and a movie. There really wasn't any movies we were dying to see so we ended up going to see mall cop, because we are both obsessed with Kevin James. I left my phone on the charger and when I got home I had nine missed calls...I felt loved. Shopping was fun, we ended up going to six different stores before I found an outfit I liked, it was pretty frustrating. Justin ended up buying me a shirt and jeans from hollister for $83. I don't even like that store normally because it is soooo expensive, but Justin insisted, and since it was my birthday I let him...but never again! I am all about the shirt and jeans for $30 or less, but I guess splurging once a year isn't going to kill me! Am I a terrible person for supporting such a dumb store? Don't answer that. On our way back from I.F. Justin and I were talking about how weird it is that Im 24, and we met just a week after my 2oth birthday. I actually just heard this song on a country station today (don't quote me on the lyrics) but it was something about how I thought I loved you when I first saw you, I thought I loved you when I asked you to marry me, I thought I loved you on our wedding day...etc etc, and then it goes on to say that even today I don't think I can love you anymore, but I know the day will come when I look back on today, and think look how much more I love you now....pretty sure I slaughtered that, but thats what I remember from it. Its so true though. We were so in puppy love four years ago, but it has grown into something so awesome. Justin and I definitly have our arguements, but I love him today more then ever, and Im so grateful that we found each other. Yay for true love (not like benjamin button our love is only based on sex love...bla that movie is still bugging me, but that's for a different post) :)