Thursday, December 1, 2011

And a partridge in a pear tree...

Just wanted to type a quick post about holiday stuff. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Blackfoot this year with Justin's family. Thank you Babcocks for hosting, you did a fabulous job:) We went bowling on Wednesday night, and then relaxed and ate wonderful food on Thursday. Then late Thursday/early Friday I had my very first "black friday" shopping experience. We hit walmart and the mall in Idaho falls. I didn't buy much, but it was sure fun!

This will be mine and Justin's 7th Christmas together. Growing up my family always did the fake tree thing, and I was fine with that, but oh not Justin... he doesn't do the fake thing. So every year we have cut our own tree down, but last year I convinced him to buy one from the local grocery store. It was the prettiest tree we have had. So naturally I lost this year, and we had to go snowmobiling to find the perfect tree. Needless to say we were short on time, and ended up with a hideous tree. BUT we had a lot of fun snowmobiling to find it, and as Justin says "it's all about the experience." Whatever. Next year will be from the grocery lot :) We are looking forward to spending a week in Oregon with my family over Christmas.

Just checked on Lex, and she looked so cute, soI had to snap this shot...but anyway, here is holiday stuff:)

The cutting down tree experience

She was excited about her hat

Amber and I at Thanksgiving

Rozlyn checking out black Friday deals

Roz and Grandma at Thanksgiving

The Packard fam after bowling