Monday, December 10, 2012

A Quick Update on my girls and life

I would much rather read all of your blogs, then take the time to write a post, but I figure between my journal and a blog, I might be able to someday prove that I existed .  For Thanksgiving this year, we spent a week in Oregon. We drove to Boise, and then flew to Portland.  It was nice to get a break from work, and life in general.  We went to OMSI, and had a great time, we did an endowment session in the temple that we were sealed in, which is always fun.  Justin and I went to Washington Square to shop which is always beautifully decorated. Justin went golfing and to the movies, and I went out to breakfast with my girlfriend Erin. Justin has never been with my family on Thanksgiving, in fact the last Thanksgiving I had with my family was 2004, so it was very enjoyable.  My neices are on a dance company, and do a perfomance of the nutcracker every other year, so Justin and Lexi and I went to see it, it was so fun, and now Lex is always talking about the nutcracker. Christmas will be spent locally with Justin's family.  This will be the first December that we are not traveling, and I must say Im looking forward to a more relaxing holiday season. 

 This is a picture of Roz getting electrocuted at she didn't even care!

Lex deocrating cookies for her preschool class.

Roz Update:

Roz is such an adorable pill.  She is a hitter, a biter, a sweetheart, and a doesn't make sense, but that's just how she is. She doesn't care how big her opponent is, she is always ready to fight.  She loves Lexi, and they are finally to the point where they enjoy playing together.  They like to play hide and seek, and a game that Lexi and my neice Soleil made up called mom and sweety..when Roz is allowed to play, they name her Brielle, and she is the baby.  Roz is getting better and better at saying 2-3 word sentances, some of her newest things she is saying are: where are you?, honey!! (when calling for lexi), daddy home!, where go?, right there, and then trying to count to 5.  She loves to play with dolls, and cars, and loves mickey mouse club house and Diego. 

Lexi loves to be around people, so if she isn't totally occupied with
something, she is following me around.  She loves to help me with anything in the kitchen that has to do with baking or cooking.  She also loves crafts.  She is really blossoming in preschool.  She is learning to write and recognize letters with out me having to write it first and then have her copy.  I can say things like Rozlyn is spelled R-O-Z-L-Y-N, and she can write it down.  She loves movies, and games. She is a big sweetheart, and always trying to be funny, and make us laugh.  She is also soo so curious: the other day she was asking how her cousin got into her aunt's tummy?? I tried to tell her that when a mom and dad love each other, they can have a baby...she kept saying but how mom?  I finally said, Lex, I'll tell you when you get older, preferably when you and I don't share a bedroom wall.  Besides being curious, she has a very tender heart.  She said to Justin the other day: "dad how are we going to know who gets coal in their stocking, so we can get them something else?" Very sweet.

Another exciting thing that happened in November is my brother and his wife had a new baby: Simone Mayell Marie.  She is adorable, and looks a lot like my girls!