Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bursting at the seams

Wanting to blog about all of our summer adventures! There are a lot of pictures, but I promise Im going to be better about blogging so my posts are a little more organized :)

Idaho State Fair

Conner Back from his mission!

Family Reunions

We had all sorts of family reunions this summer. We had one at Wallowa Lake in Oregon with my family. We stayed at a huge cabin and enjoyed the small town charm :) Then we had one at west piney lodge in Idaho with Justins mom side of the family. It had a huge slide. Then we stayed in a cabin by green canyon with some of Justins family. We spent a ton of time with family this summer, and we love doing that.


Last but not least, Justin and I have been busy with races this summer, from 10ks to half marathons, to triathlons. I ran two 10ks and one half marathon. Justin ran two half marathons, raced in two sprint triathlons, and one olympic triathlon. We are addicted to races, we love them! Actually let me rephrase that. I hate the night before (because Im nervous) I have the during (because it's hard) but I love crossing the finish line! Personally, I sign up for races, because it forces me to keep running, and trying to stay in decent shape. I don't race to run, Im actually really happy to place in the middle of the pack. Justin on the other hand, races to run. He took in the top ten in all of his races. He is so awesome. In his first olypmic triathlon he placed first in his age division.