Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things of the fall

Jake, just a few hours old

Soleil being cute (I stole these from her mom)
Soleil with her attitude

It's been awhile, I know I'm a slacker. Much has happened around the Packard home the past month, but I haven't been on the computer as much because the computer is in Lexi's room, until we get a wireless card, and the only time I write is when she is asleep. So anyway, great news, I have an adorable new nephew (Jake Gordon Babcock sept 14th 8lbs!) and an adorable new neice (Soleil Mabel-Marie Taylor September 24th 5lbs 10oz) They are both so cute, and it's so fun to be around newborns, Lexi was the last new baby on both sides of the family. Jake is an angel, he only cries when he is hungry, and I think he will be a good balance to his crazy brother, which is a relief for his parents. Soleil is much like Lexi in the attitude department, she is only 2.5 weeks old, but she definately already knows what she wants. She loves to be held all the time by her mom :) As for our little family, we are consistently working on our house. yesterday we painted the whole kitchen this green color, but today we both hate it, so we are going to repaint. It turned out kind of a mint green, and we were going for more of a sage green....such a pain. A couple of weeks ago I was able to take a trip to Oregon, just Lexi and I to see my family for a few days. It was a good time, just relaxing, and I need that. Justin was in Seattle for a gymnastics competition over our 4th anniversary, and I was like Heck I am not sitting at home alone on my anniversary, so thats what we did instead. The flight to Oregon was fine, but the flight back home was terrible. When lexi was about 4 months old, i vowed that I would never fly alone again, but I had obviously forgot how terrible Lexi can be on a flight. I was actually crying, it was so embarassing. Lexi was on this steriod for her cough that made her so psycho and grumpy, and to top it off, all those Oregon Liberals who don't believe in having children until your 40 gave me the dirtiest looks. During the five days at my parents house, I got mistaken for a teenager 3 times from 3 different people! So basically everyone at the airport probably thought I was a seventeen year old single mother who couldn't handle her child im 24...gah! Anyway, thats about as exciting as my life is right now. I've actually been pretty lonely lately, all of our good friends have up and left us here in Rexburg. I keep thinking I will meet someone I click with in the ward or someone, but I just haven't. There are a lot of great people in our ward, just none that I would feel comfertable hanging out with. Luckily we do have family close by that I love, but I can't always bug them, (they both just had new babies, so their pretty busy :) Justin is pretty fantastic at entertaining me, but sometimes you just need to hang out with the girls you know?
Poor me right ? :) anyway, here a few pictures, including one of Jake and Soleil.