Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer 2012

Im not a summery type of person, I usually prefer the fall and winter months, but I am really enjoying this summer.  The weather has been mild for the most part, and we have already enjoyed a couple days at the splash park, tons of walks, and one family reuion camping trip.  We have another reunion at the end of this month, and then to Bear lake in July with my family, so excited! Also Justin ran a 1/2 ironman on June 9th.  He did awesome, and place 202 out of 1650. The weather started out awful (41 degress, windy, and rainy) but by the time he got done with the swim, I was mostly dry, and the sun had just started to peak through. So the pictures above are from family reunions so far, and fun summery days!
 My girls are doing great.  Lexi had her first dance recital in May, and she was adorable.  Right now she is doing gymnastics twice a week, and preschool twice a week. She loves to be active, and wants to know everything.  (mom who was that on the phone? What did they want? Mom what is that person doing? Mom why are you wearing shoes right now? etc etc)  She is kind and loving, is learning to be a better listener. Rozlyn is so feisty! She is not even a little shy about sinking her teeth into anyone who takes something she wants.  She is gaining weight now that she has been drinking whole milk like crazy.  She mostly sleeps through the night.
Hope to post more about our adventures through the summer!


  1. Oh man I love seeing your cute family pictures!!!

  2. So fun to hear an update on your family! I can't believe how big your girls are... Especially Rozlyn! They are bothe beautiful!!

  3. Love the pictures and update! See ya tomorrow! :)