Saturday, March 30, 2013


My sweet little boy is already a month old! This past month has flown by.  I absolutely love having a little boy, I never knew that babies could be this good.  I love my girls, and I enjoyed them as infants, but they were hard, they wanted to be held, or bounced all the time, and they couldn't figure out night and day for several weeks.

The day of my induction, I was supposed to call the hospital at 5am, to see if they could take me in.  The cranky nurse said they were currently full, and to go back to bed, and call again at 10. I was disappointed, but I did as I was told, since my mom had stayed the night to watch the girls.I put my phone on silent, and when I woke up at 830, I had 3 missed calls and voicemails from the hospital, apparently they had an opening for me.  I got to the hospital at 845, and after all the paperwork, I was finally settled in a bed, ready to go, and feeling good.  I wasn't nervous at all because my last 2 labor and deliveries were so easy.  Around 1015, the dr broke my water, and said we were probably looking at an evening baby.  When I got to the hospital, I was only at a two, and after about an hour and half on pit, I was at a four. I decided to get an epidural soon after.. I figured if I was going to pay $1000 for an epidural, I didn't want to be in any pain for any amount of time.  My epidural was complete shortly after noon, but Carter's heart rate was being really erratic which the nurse said can be normal after the epidural, but still to be cautious, they put me on oxygen trying to regulate my blood pressure.
Haha, at least Justin was entertained by the ordeal.  By 2 pm, babies heart rate was looking more normal, but then 1/2 hr later the nurse came back in and said his heart rate was dropping again, so she checked me, and she was like oh, well that makes sense, you're ready to push! I must have had an awesome epidural, because I had no clue.  The nurse went to call the dr, and said whatever you do, don't push! So we waited, and when the dr came, I pushed once, and out was our sweet baby boy.  EASY! When we looked at him, we totally changed our minds on what his name was going to be.  We had though it was going to be Evan, but we decided to name him Carter, which had been on the bottom of our list of names. 
Carter Randon
6lbs 10 oz 18 inches long 3:04pm 2/25/13
I always pictured myself with boys, but after two girls, I wasn't sure if I would get my boy.  I was a little emotional when I first held him! I can't believe I have a boy. The hospital would not let any visitors under 18 in to visit because of how bad flu and rsv was this year, so the girls didn't get to meet him until we got home. 
They are seriously such good big sisters!
Carter's first night home was the only night that I was up in the middle of the night with him.  As of night two at home, he goes to sleep around 1030, and sleeps 3.5-5 hrs, eats, and poops, and then sleeps another 3-4 hrs.  He rarely cries, and he is a good eater.  He is such a good baby! We feel so happy and blessed to add him to our family.  I have realized more and more what a blessing children are.  Im not a perfect mom, and being a mom can be so hard and trying, but my life would be so empty without these 3.  Love them all so much.


  1. I just love that post. Such a beautiful family!

  2. So sweet!! I can't wait to meet these kids this summer!! Carter's birth sounds like it was great too, thats awesome!!

  3. What a sweet boy! Your kids are just darling and you are an amazing mom!

  4. Loved this post!! I'm so happy for your adorable family! It's awesome to have kids of both genders! :) Glad you got your boy! He's too cute!

  5. He is DARLING! So happy for you guys!